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Shanghai Squatters Want Their Homes Back

JUNE 12, 2012  Fixed by Jack Zhang

The Expo Homeland Apartment Complex in Shanghai sounds like it should be something grand. It’s not. It’s a series of apartment compounds for Shanghainese who were forced to give up their homes and move, to make way for the Shanghai Expo in 2010. It backs out on a trash incinerator. A high-voltage power line runs within a few yards of one of the buildings. (more…)

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China’s Ambitious Space Program a Point of National Pride

JUNE 18, 2012 Fixed Jack Zhang
China has launched its most ambitious space mission yet.

Over the weekend, the Shenzhou-9 blasted off with three astronauts on board – including for the first time, a woman. (more…)

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China Poised to Issue Junk Bonds

JUNE 28, 2012 Fixed By Jack Zhang

Nine-Star Technology, which makes and sells financial capital software, is just a dozen years old, but it already dominates half the market for this kind of software. Xie Hongguo, Nine-Star Technology’s founder and president, said the company’s still growing, at about 30 percent a year, and it needs capital to fuel that growth. (more…)

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Shanghai Trend Turns Bomb Shelters Into Hip Social Spaces

JUNE 29, 2012 Fixed By Jack Zhang

Shanghai’s Peace Hotel is an art deco treasure, where elderly jazz musicians conjure the spirit of a bygone era.

In the 1930s, this is where Noel Coward polished his play “Private Lives,” where diplomats, spies, adventurers and celebrities sipped cocktails. (more…)

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What China Needs to Innovate: One Start-up’s View

JULY 16, 2012 Fixed By Jack Zhang

Yeogirl Yun was fast out of the blocks when he got out of graduate school from Stanford in 1995. He worked a year for Tandem Computers,* and then for a start-up that went bust. Then, he created the shopping comparison website – and sold it two years later for $700 million. (more…)

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Beijing Floods Unleash Criticism of Chinese Authorities

JULY 23, 2012  Fixed By Jack Zhang

Beijing residents began drying out Monday after a weekend deluge that left dozens dead and tens of thousands more displaced.

The government says it was the worst rainstorm in 60 years, but it may not have been a purely natural disaster.


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Tom Pang Plays Bluegrass with a Mongolian Twist

AUGUST 1, 2012  Fixed by Jack Zhang

See a video of Tom Pang performing live in Shanghai here.

Tom Pang, or Pang Zhi Peng, is a 28-year-old, shaggy-haired ethnic Mongolian.

He grew up playing classical violin, but then (to the dismay of his father who wanted his son to play in an orchestra) he fell in love with bluegrass.


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Chinese Microblogging Site Weibo Turns Three

AUGUST 14, 2012 ⋅ Fixed by Jack Zhang

A three-year-old in China is creating a vigorous, virtual public square, and it’s making a government used to controlling the message scramble to keep up. Weibo, which is the closest thing China has to Twitter, was launched three years ago Tuesday, August 14th, by the Chinese internet company Sina. (more…)

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China Factories Feel Pinch of Slowing Economy

SEPTEMBER 7, 2012 Fixed by Jack Zhang
Idle store assistants in Dongguan waiting for customers. China’s economy is slowing down, and that’s having a big impact on factory towns that relied on cheap manufacturing.
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Chinese petitioners claim hotel used as ‘black jail’

Shanghai (CNN) — The only souvenir that Xie Jinghua has from her stay at a Holiday Inn Express located in a vast tourism park alongside the East China Sea is a room key. (more…)

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My Shanghai Next Door Neighbor Is Chinese Dissident Feng Zhenghu

Just down the street from Fudan University, one of the top colleges in China, and across from a massive shopping complex that has a Wal Mart, a couple of Starbucks and KFCs, H&M, Sephora and Zara, among other Western brands, lives Feng Zhenghu who for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is barred from leaving his home. (more…)

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Security tightens for China dissident after Chen

Shanghai, China (CNN) — Since the high-profile escape of a blind Chinese activist in April, life has become worse for Feng Zhenghu, a dissident who lives in an apartment on the outskirts of this Chinese metropolis.


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Chen Guangcheng is free, video of him confirming it in a secured location

watch it on youtube.

allegedly @pearlher He Peirong helped him, and she was arrest in Nanjing today.

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Attacked in Panhe

Plainclothes henchmen attacked journalists from two European news organizations on Wednesday as they investigated land grab protests that began earlier this month in the village of , according to Shanghaiist: (more…)

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Shanghai’s Bluegrass Boy

Walk into Southern Belle on a Wednesday night and you’ll probably see 28-year-old Tom Pang sitting alone on the terrace smoking. He doesn’t have a band, there’s no upright bass or banjo in his set, but Pang strums Shanghai’s best bluegrass. (more…)

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